I am an unexpected mix of polish and latin blood.

I have traveled the world and beyond to find my ideals.

I have encountered amazing women who inspired me to be me

And to believe in myself to realise my dreams;

To be passionate and to be alive,

To shine and to sow smiles around my world,

Because I am Levanja

Audrey Raingold

Born and raised in Paris and granddaughter of Polish tailors, Audrey learnt how to sew and create her own accessories while watching her grandparents weaving, cutting and crafting fabrics. Close to her grandmother, an independent woman of great elegance, she developed her passion for creating and her love for playing with colors and fabrics at an early age. After studying law and passing the Paris Bar, Audrey realized that life should be a mix of formal with informal, excellence with laughter, commitment with joy. Consequently, she changed course, working for major brands in the fashion luxury industry, keeping her distance from trends and developing her own unique sense of style. Lively and determined, Audrey knows to trust her instincts, staying true to herself no matter what, enlightening the daily life with her sense of humor and her positive energy.

Wendy Castro

Wendy is a daughter of four, born in Nicaragua and raised by her mother, a role model, who taught her that happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative efforts, making her become the woman that she is today. After continuing her studies on Business in Miami and  later on choosing to work in the real estate field, Wendy also discovered her passion for painting and traveling. Her sensibility for art makes her want to discover France in 2006. During her trip to Paris she will meet her future husband. Before long she moved to Paris, making the beautiful city her new home and almost immediately she started working for major brands in the fashion luxury industry. Armed with her exquisite Latin-American accent, her fiery looks and overflowing energy, Wendy has been successfully combining her ability of making good judgment with her creativity. Adoring shade as much as light, Wendy is both secret and luminous, embodying the multicultural woman who has developed her very own eclectic and singular style.